Medieval Fehr by Sigurdsdatter: Medieval and Fantasy weddings & events – music, costumes, location set designer!

The Costume and Gown Designs: Medieval gowns, cloaks, chemises, kirtles, aprons, viking wear and wedding attire! Renaissance fantasy designs! A Medieval clothing line uniquely created by Sigurdsdatter. Scroll below to see the  Design Lines: ‘Rae’, ‘Hildegarde’, ‘Eadyth’, ‘Beatriz’ and ‘Sigurdsdatter’!

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The Story: From three generations of Sigurds and with Tracy’s viking and celtic roots, ‘Sigurdsdatter’ was born. Tracy’s passion for Medieval music and costumes for feasts, festivals, ‘faires’ and concerts lead to the creation of Medieval Fehr.

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‘Rae’ – Renaissance Fantasy Wedding

Jack Holman Photography –

‘Hildegarde’ – the Abbess

‘Eadyth’ – Sweet Nymphe

’Beatriz’ – the Trobairitz

’Sigurdsdatter’ – Norse Maiden