A Song for Hope Tour 2018 – UK

Cheshire, Newhaven, Battle and Paris


London, Yorkshire, Stamford, Lancaster and Kendal


Arts 101 2016 – Kelowna, BC


A Song for Hope Tour 2016 – UK


A Song for Hope Tour 2015 – Tunisia


Concert at Fondouk El Attarine – Tunis Medina


Concert at the British Residence

With Mehdi Trabelsi (piano), Riadh Fehri (oud), Bishop Bill Musk (flute)


Masterworks Ensemble:  Baroque and Beyond

Stephanie Seaton, photographer


Chansons Pour L’Espoir – Tunisia: Palais Ennejma Ezzahra and Theatre Municipal de Sfax


Concert Posters


2013 Photos


Fashion and Frivolity: Art Deco Fashion Event aboard the S. S. Sicamous

Photography by Stephanie Seaton of Unlimited-Vision


2012 Photos


Tunisia & UK Trip 2011 Photos


Tunisia Trip Photos


2009-2010 Photos 



Guatamala Trip Photos


2007-2008 Photos


2006 Photos


2004 Photos


2003 Photos



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