Medieval Fehr Costume & Leather Line: Fashion Show, 2023

Medieval Fehr by Sigurdsdatter… Medieval Fehr (fair) has recently added a more contemporary line of handcrafted and stitched corset belts, belts, vests and long duster vests. Each piece is a unique work of art highlighting the natural flaws and distresses of the hide.

Long leather duster vest… layers of soft nubuck, fringing and lacing detail. Contact for pricing… dusters, vests and gauntlets in various lengths and sizes!
Wrap skirt in mixed leather and suede with fringing detail
Jessi Fehr in a mixed suede wrap skirt
Lauren is wearing a corset belt with a white linen chemise, edged in blue cotton with matching fingerless gloves and lacing detail in the back.
Lauren Taylor is wearing the same Corset belt with SASS Boutique sundress
Mixed suede and fringing detail wrap skirt paired with a SASS Boutique blouse
Corset belt by Medieval Fehr paired with pink capris and white linen top by SASS Boutique
Leather vest with hand stitching and fringing by Medieval Fehr paired with linen pants and blouse by SASS Boutique
The lovely Bette Hewlett
Medieval linen tunic paired with SASS trousers and Medieval Fehr satchel in mixed leathers
The glowing bride, Jessi Fehr
Medieval Fehr vest with fringe, vintage Chantilly lace wedding dress skirt and leather gauntlets
Medieval Fehr vest paired with a long black dress by SASS Boutique
Medieval Fehr corset belt with a Black Watch tartan skirt and cotton blouse. Paired with white fingerless gloves.
Medieval Fehr costumes and leather corsets… Skye Boat Song sung by Tracy Fehr; Drumming by Bette Hewlett
Mozart-inspired coat by Medieval Fehr paired with a summer cotton dress by SASS Boutique
Red tartan, white chemise with floor length sleeves, and a Medieval Fehr corset belt
White chemise with flowing sleeves and ruched hem
The same corset belt worn earlier with the red tartan, now paired with a saucy orange cotton dress by SASS Boutique
Regency-inspired silk gown with black watch tartan chemise beneath, fingerless gloves and a tartan shawl.
Vintage Blanket coat by Medieval Fehr… vintage blanket made in India with fringe detailing now becomes a beautiful Anke length coat!
Leather duster by Medieval Fehr

Medieval Fehr Costume Line: Fashion Show, 2022

Introducing Sigurdsdatter; Hildegarde von Bingen; Sigurd, Son of Ola; Robyn of the Woods; Johanna Knutsdatter; Eadyth of Paisley; Beatriz de Dia; Francesca Caccini; Barbara Strozzi; Monteverdi and Mozart!

Creativity Amidst Pandemic, 2021-2022

Costumes by Medieval Fehr

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